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For optimal health and wellness, one must also incorporate the foundations of wellness – sleep, nutritious eating pattern, regular movement, regular detoxification.  Supplements are designed to augment this process.  Supplements are intended to be used for a period of time to support your body’s own healing mechanisms.  They are not intended to be used forever.  They are also not a quick fix and are not a replacement for a lifestyle that creates wellness.

Here are some supplements we recommend and why.


Probiotics are “good” bacteria that help maintain the natural balance of microbes in the gut.  The ideal probiotic will contain BILLIONS of bacteria of diverse strains (this means there will be a list of several names on the label.)  Consider changing your formulation every couple of months to ensure diversity.  Also include fermented foods in your diet!

Vitamin D

Vitamin D actually functions like a hormone in the body and is essential to a variety of functions in the body.  Many people are deficient in this “vitamin”. Supplementation, especially in winter, will help get levels to normal.  When taking this vitamin as a supplement, take it with a meal containing fat, as this will help it be absorbed better!

And it is important to get sunlight exposure regularly to keep this vitamin in optimal ranges.  Our skin makes vitamin D when it is exposed to sunlight for brief periods of time.  Try exposing a large area of your body to the sun for about half the time it takes for YOU to burn on most days.


This botanical supports the immune system.  We encourage its use during the cold & flu season to keep you well.  It comes in several formulations – lozenges, syrup, fizzie, etc.


One sign you are zinc deficient is that you have white horizontal lines/patches on your finger nails.  Add Zinc to your diet and consider supplementation.

Nutritious Shake

There are lots of “healthy” shake options out there, so it is difficult to choose which one might be right for you and your family.  We wanted to share a brand that we love and that is available in our supplement shop where you can receive a discount – Thorne Research’s  MediPro Vegan.  This shake is like a multivitamin and meal in one.  It is great for on the go meals – we have had success with mixing it only with a blender bottle.  We mix it with coconut and nut milks.  When a blender is handy we add frozen berries.  This shake is good for children and adults, just give your child 1 scoop, and teenagers and adults 2 scoops.

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