Pediatric Services Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit this page to see the most up to date list of insurers we can file with.

While we attempt to keep this list up to date, please call us to ask specifically about your insurance plan as we are filing for approval with other plans on a regular basis.

We accept payments from your Health Savings Accounts (if they are visa, mastercard, etc.)

You may click here to see our review our fee schedule for self-pay pateints. This fee schedule includes fees related to visits and procedures for SEE Alternatives Pediatrics.

*We require membership in SEE Alternatives Wellness to receive pediatric healthcare services.  Please see our membership page for additional information.

We provide holistic primary care services for infants, children and adolescents [ages birth to 21].  This includes well child care, as well as treatment of illness, injury and disease.  We also offer sports physicals.

We also treat chronic illnesses from a functional perspective of looking for the root cause of the illness or disorder.  We offer hope that healing is possible for children dealing with chronic illnesses.  Examples include ADHD, PANS/PANDAS, Eczema/Allergies/Asthma, Diabetes.

We utilize alternative and complementary healthcare options whenever possible.  Please call our office with any questions.

As a single provider pediatric office, we know that we will not be able to serve all of our patients medical needs.  After hours, we provide a voicemail where you can leave a message for mildly urgent needs or concerns about your child.  Marsha generally returns these calls within 30 minutes of the call.

If you are in need of more urgent care or you wish to be seen after hours, we generally recommend you utilize MUSC After Hours locations, as they have pediatric providers readily available for your child – especially if your child is under the age of 5 or has a significant chronic illness.  If you have an older child, other urgent care options are readily available.

If your child requires emergency care, we recommend the ER at MUSC Children’s Hospital.

We accept cash and all major credit cards. We accept HSA account payments that use a major credit/debit card.  We do not accept checks.

Payment is due in full at the time of service.    Payment is due even if referred to other providers, including emergency room/urgent care, is deemed necessary.

We take payment in the form of major credit cards and cash.  We do not accept checks.

We will provide the best care possible within our scope of practice and ability to treat in the home/office.  We do referrals when the evaluation or treatment needed exceeds what we are trained in or what we are able to perform.

This includes referrals to the emergency room.  We do our best to triage your appointment on the phone to make sure our care is appropriate for your needs.  However, there are times when we see patients and determine they need urgent/emergency care that is beyond our ability to treat in the office.

We provide general pediatric vaccines in our office.  We do not currently have access to the coronavirus vaccine.

Please view our stance on vaccines for additional information.

Majority of our services are provided by a pediatric nurse practitioner, Marsha Cayton.  She will assess your child, then provide a diagnosis and treatment plan.  She may prescribe medications and order labs/imaging when appropriate.

Marsha’s collaborating physician, Dr. Tiffanie Noonan, does work in the office on a regular schedule, so you may see her at times.  Marsha collaborates with Dr. Noonan via telecommunication when it is appropriate for the care of the child.  We also refer to other healthcare providers, including physicians, when it is appropriate for the care of the child.

We evaluate and treat minor illnesses and injuries, but do not have the capability to do X-ray or imaging in an urgent time frame (ie for fracture).  It is best if you suspect fracture or similar injury that you are seen at an urgent care or emergency room setting.

We do not perform stitching, but do perform skin closure using skin adhesive.

If you suspect severe allergic reaction or anaphylaxis, please call 911 immediately.

It is very rare for a child to need pain medication that requires a prescription and is most likely an issue that is not treated in our practice.  We do not prescribe narcotic pain medications and do not keep any at our locations sites.

We abide by federal and state regulations to ensure the privacy of your health records.  Please see our Notice of Privacy Practices.

A nurse practitioner (NP) is a health care provider offering patient-centered primary, acute, and specialty care. NPs are able to diagnose and treat health conditions, offer prevention education, and counsel patients on how to live a healthy lifestyle.  They are able to order diagnostic testing and interpret the results, prescribe medications, and manage both acute and chronic illness.

Nurse practitioners have completed a master of science in nursing or a doctorate in nursing practice after having obtained a nursing degree. NPs complete advanced clinical training in specialty and/or subspecialty areas and are recognized in the medical field as health care experts.  NPs are certified in the field of their specialty and maintain ongoing continuing education to remain certified.

If you wish to verify Marsha’s license and supervising physician you may do so here.