PANS/PANDAS General Information

In the video above, a parent shares her family’s journey with PANS/PANDAS.

In addition to the video above, you can read more about PANS/PANDAS here.


How to Get Started with Your Child’s Evaluation

We know the stress you are experiencing and that you are desperate for help.  We want to serve you in the most efficient way possible for you, your child and our staff and providers.

Unfortunately, we are not taking new patients at this time, but you can utilize the resources below to optimize your healthcare.

Additional Resources regarding PANS/PANDAS

The Foundation for Children with Neuroimmune Disorders – this page has information for parents and providers.

PANDAS Physician Network (PPN)   This website is designed to increase awareness and treatment understanding for healthcare providers, but can also be a great learning tool for parents as well.

Caregiver Coping with PANS/PANDAS – Make sure to follow the instructions for how to access the webinar for FREE!

Pediatric Research and Advocacy Initiative  (PRAI)