• To grow luxuriantly
  • To thrive
  • To grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially resulting from a favorable environment

Forward Leadership

An approach that views each individual as a leader who approaches work from the spaces of opportunity, possibility, inclusion, and curiosity.


Lifelong learning, growth and development.


A synergistic partnership in which each contributes time, money, and/or resources toward a common goal and vision.


Oneness of mind and feeling; A mindset of creating harmony, respect, inclusion, and trust.


Our words, actions, and ways of being create a ripple effect that extends out into the world.


We are whole, perfect, and complete AND there is room for improvement and growth. We have the capacity to restore when we are out of integrity. Honesty, respect, trust, accountability. Living for highest values; standing up for what you believe is right.


A mindset that embraces resourcefulness, fluidity, creativity, and open-mindedness. “embracing and acting on the possibilities of our resources already in hand”. Based on the book Stretch


Of body, mind, heart, and spirit.