Membership Information

We are sorry to say that we are not currently accepting any new members, beyond siblings of current members.  

Unfortunately, we have not been successful in finding another provider to join the practice.

Our schedule is full with current members, and above all we want to be able to continue delivering the epitome of service to our members.

We have reached out to two practices who practice in a way more similar to us, that may be an option for you.

Low Country Wellness’ Allison Kinghorn, Family Nurse Practitioner, is accepting children as young newborns.

Dr. Juliette Walker, of Paragon Pediatrics, is a board certified pediatrician who very recently opened an office in West Ashley.

You may consider reaching out to these practices to see if they are a good fit for your families.

If you are a parent of a NEWBORN and have previously had conversation with us about becoming a member, including attending a meet and greet, please email us at