I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book and think every family should have it as a reference in their home.  This book aligns with our vision to partner with families to raise a generation of people who experience optimal health and wellness.

The book focuses on how an eating pattern can improve inflammation.  We all have inflammation. In our current, modern world, most people have too much inflammation. 

The book is a collaboration of health coach, pediatrician, pediatric gastroenterologist, chef, and food scientist.  They come together to create a book that not only gives 100 anti-inflammatory recipes, but also provide basic information about healthful foods and eating habits.  The introductory chapters are quickly and easily read.  The recipes are diverse with range from simple to moderate complexity.

“In children, the anti-inflammatory diet is associated with less overweight and obesity, improved cardiovascular and respiratory fitness, less asthma, improved academic performance, less sensory processing abnormalities, less ADHD, less fatty liver, less functional GI disorders, better mental health, and better overall quality of life.”

The book covers the following topics:

  • Building blocks of the Anti-Inflammatory Way
    • Considers the context of HOW you eat your meals
    • Is “plant-forward”, including information on how phytochemicals in plants impact the body
    • Is based on whole (and preferably organic) foods
    • Incorporates healthy fats from a variety of sources
  • Evidence regarding health impact of food additives, especially in processed foods AND how to avoid additives and chemicals
  • Impact of Sugar on health and well-being and how to avoid hidden/added sugars
  • Healthy Fats – how to get in foods, how to pick the healthiest oils
  • Pediatric Anti-inflammatory Food Table – a spin on the traditional food pyramid
  • Healthful drinks
  • Choosing healthy whole grains, proteins
  • Impact of agriculture on climate
  • Expanding a child’s taste preferences, including introducing solids
  • Making mealtime happy and healthy
  • Cooking with kids

The recipes included in the book may be adapted to be gluten, dairy, egg and nut free.  Many of the recipes discuss how to adapt the recipe for introducing the food to infants. I hope that you find this book as valuable as we did!  You can purchase the book on Amazon.