Well Visit – 9 Months

Well Visit Preparation

Please take a few minutes to complete and consider the following, which will help you optimize your time in our office

  • Developmental Screen – Pick the age most appropriate for the age of your child based on the timing of your visit.

    8 months  9 months  10 months

  • How is your baby doing with solids?
  • How is your baby sleeping?  Is your baby able to fall asleep independently and soothe self back to sleep at night?
  • Is your baby showing any signs of constipation?  Hard, pebbly stools?  Infrequent stools?  Obvious discomfort with stools?
  • How are you dealing with your child’s growing mobility and developmental skills?  Have you child proofed your home?  Have you gotten on your hands and knees to get their perspective and to find what may be problematic?

Vaccines Typically Administered

If your child is up to date on vaccines, there are no vaccines due at this visit.  If your child is doing an altered schedule, your child may receive vaccines that are part of the series of vaccines previously discussed.

Member Benefits You May Value at This Age

Your SEE Alternatives Wellness membership includes content about health and wellness that you may find helpful. Take a few minutes to access this information on the member only page. The password for this page is found on your welcome letter.  If you are unable to locate your welcome letter, please email us at info@seealternatives.com and we will share the information with you again.

  • Raising Emotionally Healthy Children

  • Introducing Solids

  • Fever – Why you shouldn’t fear it!

Your Wellness Guide Additional Topics

At each well visit, you will receive a Your Wellness Guide, which provides information that we may not have time to discuss at your visit.  Even with the handout, there is still more information we cannot fit!  We are believers in Knowledge is Power, so we share as many resources with you as possible!!!