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Our Practice is Closing by August 30,2024

SEE Alternatives Pediatrics will be closing and ceasing operation no later than August 30, 2024. We are no longer accepting new members. Our current members should have an email in their inbox with additional information.

Medical Records Releases

To facilitate the transition, here are the forms for requesting medical records. Please note that we legally have 30 days to forward records to the requested source. We often send these more quickly, but please plan accordingly when requesting records.


To receive a personal copy (encrypted PDF) of your child’s records via email, please complete this form (it is fillable and can be signed electronically). Please email the completed and signed form to records@seealternatives.com. We ask that all families obtain a personal copy of their records that can be shared with other providers in the future. We will send you the records AFTER your child’s last visit in our office, so please include the date you plan to transition care.


To have your child’s records faxed directly to the provider of your choice, complete this form (it is fillable and can be signed electronically) and email it to records@seealternatives.com.


All vaccines that we have administered in our office are recorded in the state registry (known as SIMON). Most pediatric offices in the area have access to SIMON, so they should be able to acquire that information before administering any vaccines to your child.

Providers Who May Fit

While there are several large pediatric practice in the area, you may consider reaching out to these smaller practices to see if they are a good fit for your family.

  • Low Country Wellness’ Allison Kinghorn, Family Nurse Practitioner, is accepting children as young newborns. They do not have any vaccines at their office.
  • Dr. Juliette Walker, of Paragon Pediatrics, is a board certified pediatrician who very recently opened an office in West Ashley. Dr. Walker vaccinates children according to the schedule and will work with families on an altered schedule that keeps the child up to date.
  • Neighbors Med is a direct primary care family practice in Hanahan.

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